Open Source Video Conferencing – How Does Open Source Compare to Market Video Conferencing?

The Benefits of Video Conferencing

Many companies experience difficulties having employees get together for a meeting due to geographical distances. There are excellent virtual meeting options available that provide an alternative to traveling and meeting in a physical location. Video conferencing is a great alternative that allows users to simulate face-to-face meetings without actually being in the same room. This results in significant savings in regards to travel costs and time. It also allows users to meet at any time at a moment's notice.
A video conferencing solution will make it possible for people to meet virtually to make important decisions efficiently. It will allow for a new level of knowledge sharing and an increased ability to collaborate regardless of distance. Video conferencing can provide an excellent opportunity to build relationships between remote co-workers as well as clients. The benefits of video conferencing are obvious when it comes to dynamic decision-making and increased productivity between locations.
There are many options available for video conferencing. It can be difficult knowing what option will address all of a business' unique requirements. It is important to take more than price into consideration; expensive solutions may have features that are not necessary and cheaper options may be missing important features.

Open Source Video Conferencing Solutions

There are open source video conferencing solutions available for businesses looking for basic video conferencing abilities. Open source is generally cheaper to implement but may be missing important features that could make the experience more interactive and rewarding for presenters and users. For the reduced price, these offerings are generally less polished and frequently have reduced support. An open source video conferencing solution may offer savings, but it may not make the best impression if it is being used to interact with clients.
The video conferencing market is very competitive and the open source offering can gain and lose market shares quickly. This means that the product you choose today may be around next year if the market shifts. It is an important factor to consider when searching for a long-term video conferencing solution.

Market Video Conferencing

Major vendors like Cisco and Polycom offer full-featured video conferencing suites that provide excellent sound and video characteristics. These products are designed to handle small business to corporate-sized video conferencing needs but they carry a price for the software and additional costs for licenses.
These products are typically updated frequently adding new features to enhance the video conferencing experience. Full support is often available to troubleshoot any issues. The solutions are designed to be robust with a professional look and feel for use with clients.

Find the Right Product

A professional technology communications company can help you make the right choice of video conferencing product. Whether your needs are covered by the latest open source product or you need the features of a market product, the best collaborative communications company will be able to help you choose and implement the solution. This includes services such as an analysis of existing IT infrastructure (firewalls, bandwidth, etc.) as well as ensuring that the meeting rooms are optimized.
Trust a reputable collaborative communications company to help you find and implement the necessary open source or market video conferencing product today.
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